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Um, that wasn't what I basically said.

The quote you are paraphrasing from goes:

I have not personally ever felt the desire to (other than in deliberate experimentation) use a goto in Perl for anything other than subverting the stack. However I remain aware that I could, and I would do it without hesitation if I thought the situation warranted it. I also doubt I will ever encounter such a situation, but I think I could likely spot it if I did...
Which means that I have used goto. In production code. For exactly what Ovid is doing, namely subverting the stack. While I wouldn't use a goto for that here, it is sometimes the right thing to do. An example is in an import method. Take a look at, for instance, Versioned modules. Why do I need to do it there? Quite simply because I need to remove myself from the call-stack so that an import method which knows nothing of me will export anything it exports to the correct package.