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Re: Re: So merlyn why did you hack the password file?

by Anonymous Monk
on Dec 26, 2001 at 09:10 UTC ( #134348=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: So merlyn why did you hack the password file?
in thread Reaped: So merlyn why did you hack the password file?

" In short: he was just doing his job. "

He was no longer under the particular contract that gave him administrative access to the SSD division machines so he was not in fact "doing his job". He was, according to his own admission, trying to further his soon to be over unrelated contract by demonstrating lax security in the SSD division. Were your pool cleaner to compromise the security of your house without permission and take a few things with only the intent of demonstrating your home's lack of security and to try to sell you his security consulting services, I think you would consider those actions both unethical and illegal and not in any way shape or form connected to his current contract with you to clean your pool. Wake up and stop propogating the misconception that Randal was indicted for "doing his job". If it were his job he would not have been repeatedly warned by superiors to stop doing it!

And as for Randal's further self-defensive suggestion below that he was only helping out the cause, that seems questionable given his own admission as having done it to further his own contract. He may say "we didn't care "who's job is it"", but the evidence indicates he did care whose job it was, and that he wanted it to be his. Stop the silly white knight stuff.

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