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Re: merlyn is fighting a fight of justice. I stand apologetic, informed and corrected

by vladb (Vicar)
on Dec 27, 2001 at 00:35 UTC ( #134530=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to merlyn is fighting a fight of justice. I stand apologetic, informed and corrected

Let me disagree with your dissent on certain points and the way you interpret behavior of certain individuals (aka monks).

My understanding is that it's perfectly legitimate for a well known and credited monk (*hint* *hint* merlyn), who's notably contributed significantly to the rest of the Perl community through his selfless contributions, to update the rest on matters that _eventually_ would affect many of us who've come to like and appreciate Perl and the 'hacker' spirit (i assume 'hacker' is distinctly different from 'cracker'). Personally, I appreciated merlyn's effort in doing so as that allowed me for a chance to learn certain "do" and "do-nots" when it comes to the corporate world etc. And I definitely have a hard time understanding reasoning of certain monks who attempt to somehow diminish the importance of the post failing to give proper credit where it's due. Moreover, they (i would refrain from mentioning specific monk ids) assert (falesly as I think) that merlyn's level of 'being famous' doesn't lent him any right to do such posts that seem to concern his 'private' matters. Well, afterall, it is due to his involvement in the Perl community that certain things that occur in his live may not be ignored by the rest. I think that these court proceedings are a prime example of a few things that should be a legitimate concern for the rest. Besides, this is also a good case in point (for those like me at the least who learned something :). And I certainly don't think it's somehow 'discriminatory' against 'unfamous monks' to upvote merlyn's node on the grounds that the former wouldn't have such favor. In fact, I _do_ agree that were it an 'unfamous monk' that made the post, I'd probably consider it somewhat irrelavent ;-) On the other hand, however, if the post dealt with some 'universal'/political issues that are bound to raise some serious questions (such as jailing of a poor hacker 'Joe', for example), I would have most likely accepted it.

Speaking of vroom and his alleged 'dictatorship', I would bluntly disagree and even dissaprove of similar comments that were clearly made without merit. He's worked hard to bring this site up (maybe with the help of a few others, maybe not..) and with all due respect I say he's got certain rights over it. Now, whether he excercises them properly or not is up to him. From where I stand, however, I didn't notice anything wrong with vroom. But, _even_ if anything _did_ occur, I'd be willing to live with it or somehow figure a way to settle any disputs privately (without having to announce it to the rest of the community). Moreover, I didn't see any legitimate facts/evidence to your allegations against vroom. Or is it something you somehow foresee to happen?

"There is no system but GNU, and Linux is one of its kernels." -- Confession of Faith
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