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Re: TMTOWTDI the new year!

by japh (Friar)
on Dec 31, 2001 at 13:36 UTC ( #135354=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to TMTOWTDI the new year!

I bred these critters (composed of 4 flavors of gene) overnight using a modified version of gumpu's code at Genetic Programming or breeding Perls. They're 24 genes long because I was going to obfuscate a map of them in a string the same length as "Just Another Perl Hacker" but the new year is almost upon us :)
perl -le '$_+=$_++;$_+=--$_;$_+=$_--;$_+=++$_;$_+=$_++;$_+=$_--;$_+=$_ +--;$_+=--$_;$_+=$_--;$_+=$_++;$_+=++$_;$_+=++$_;$_+=--$_;$_+=$_--;$_+ +=--$_;$_+=$_++;$_+=$_--;$_+=--$_;$_+=$_--;$_+=$_--;$_+=$_++;$_+=--$_; +$_+=++$_;$_+=--$_;print' perl -le '$_+=$_--;$_+=$_++;$_+=++$_;$_+=$_++;$_+=$_--;$_+=--$_;$_+=$_ +--;$_+=$_++;$_+=$_++;$_+=++$_;$_+=$_++;$_+=--$_;$_+=++$_;$_+=--$_;$_+ +=$_--;$_+=++$_;$_+=$_--;$_+=$_++;$_+=$_--;$_+=++$_;$_+=++$_;$_+=++$_; +$_+=--$_;$_+=--$_;print' perl -le '$_+=$_--;$_+=++$_;$_+=$_--;$_+=$_++;$_+=++$_;$_+=$_++;$_+=-- +$_;$_+=$_--;$_+=++$_;$_+=$_--;$_+=++$_;$_+=$_++;$_+=$_--;$_+=$_++;$_+ +=$_--;$_+=--$_;$_+=$_--;$_+=$_++;$_+=$_++;$_+=$_++;$_+=--$_;$_+=--$_; +$_+=--$_;$_+=--$_;print' perl -le '$_+=$_--;$_+=++$_;$_+=$_--;$_+=++$_;$_+=$_++;$_+=--$_;$_+=$_ +++;$_+=$_--;$_+=--$_;$_+=$_--;$_+=++$_;$_+=++$_;$_+=--$_;$_+=$_--;$_+ +=$_--;$_+=$_--;$_+=$_--;$_+=--$_;$_+=$_--;$_+=--$_;$_+=++$_;$_+=$_--; +$_+=++$_;$_+=++$_;print'
The four arbitrary gene types allow for 2002-printing critters of length ten:
perl -le '$_+=++$_;$_+=++$_;$_+=++$_;$_+=++$_;$_+=$_++;$_+=++$_;$_+=++ +$_;$_+=++$_;$_+=--$_;$_+=--$_;print'

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