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In particular, the Methodology section makes it clear that some tests are deliberately written non-idiomatically so that they can test common features of all the languages.

This notion of non-idiomatic should be clearly defined, to my mind,
it's (at best) unfair, beccause it gives a serious advantage to the ones considered as 'idiomatic' (C?).
Moreover why compare languages if you can't use their own strengths ?

Anyway I don't think that adding useless instruction in Perl make it 'non-idiomatic Perl'.

Furthermore look at other language examples I DO find that some of them use language specific idioms.
(some haskell and ruby code for example)


From the methodology text :

Since functional languages have such a different mode of expression, I allow them more leeway

In some cases I'm not really measuring the speed of a language, but how good of a programmer I am in that given language.

"Only Bad Coders Code Badly In Perl" (OBC2BIP)

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by scott (Chaplain) on Jan 03, 2002 at 04:11 UTC

    This notion of non-idiomatic should be clearly defined, to my mind ...

    True. Many moons ago I actually read a lot of the site and I seem to recall that certain tests were required to be written as close as possible to some predetermined form. If my mind isn't fibbing, that could easily require variable initialization, etc.

    To continue the tete-a-tete of qouting:

    Disclaimer No. 1: I'm just a beginner in many of these languages, so if you can help me improve any of the solutions, please drop me an email. Thanks.

    Disclaimer No. 2: These pages are provided for novelty purposes only. Any other use voids the manufacturer's warranty. Do not mix with alchohol. Some contents may consist of recycled materials.

    By the way, the word Great in the title refers to quantity, not quality

    I'm doing it so that I can learn about new languages, compare them in various (possibly meaningless) ways, and most importantly, have some fun.

      Ok! I may have "overreacted" a litlle bit...

      You're definitly right...

      I must admit that this guy take special care to describe it works as it is rather than a "proof" of language efficiency...

      Sometimes I'm just not helping with my advocacy.

      It's just a test. The author admit it can be biased. This guy made a pretty huge (and good) work anyway (even if I'd like to see some better Perl code). Perl isn't placed the way it should to my mind. Some Perl code could be enhanced. PERIOD.

      Thanks for your patience (trying to calm me down) and your objectivity.
      (Am I becoming a Perl integrist ?)

      "Only Bad Coders Code Badly In Perl" (OBC2BIP)