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Re: Re: Getting MySQL Data into an Array.

by cdherold (Monk)
on Jan 07, 2002 at 08:31 UTC ( #136771=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Getting MySQL Data into an Array.
in thread Getting MySQL Data into an Array.

I usually send these questions in while I'm working on them on the side in a sort of parallel processing. For me, it's much more productive to get input along the way from the very knowledgable monks which is complementary to what I learn myself ... the monks almost always have a wise word from which I am able to grow further.

A bonus, is that every once in a while a venerated monk will have a very valuable tid-bit of information which is off the beaten path (my path anyways). That happened this time and I thank that monk (miyagawa) for taking the time to share his wisdom.

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Re (tilly) 3: Getting MySQL Data into an Array.
by tilly (Archbishop) on Jan 07, 2002 at 09:17 UTC
    I would ask that you rethink using PM as a form of "parallel processing". If there are obvious resources that you know about which you have not yet checked, it saves time for all of us for you to check them first. Based on experience you will run across just as many unexpected nuggets, it will save you time, and we will have time and energy to devote to questions that help people more directly..

    Note that even while deploring the tone of a response to you I reinforced the basic point that documentation is to be checked first. The answers that come here are a volunteer resource. Furthermore the people giving them are often experienced and qualified professionals. Our time and energy is likely worth at least what yours is if we were not choosing to volunteer it, so please treat it that way. (And our not entirely secret plot is to infect you with the attitudes, values, and knowledge that make us able to volunteer so that you turn around and eventually do likewise. Now please look into this white light and forget all about this...)

    For more on the cultural underpinnings that lead to our acting this way, I highly recommend Re: Newby Query Comment by davorg.

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