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Re: Perl Console Window

by o(o_o)o (Scribe)
on Jan 09, 2002 at 05:53 UTC ( #137342=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl Console Window

i'm guessing you ment windows ;)
well.. if you install activeperl from it will install a perl binary on your machine, of which you can use that directly... then... you will need both srvany.exe and instsrv.exe from:

instsrv is the program that installs srvany as a service... and it's srvany that allows perl program to run...

follow the instructions on that site about installing a service, but the program you want to install as the service is your path to the perl.exe installed on your computer that comes as part of activeperl.. eg c:\ActivePerl\Perl\bin\perl.exe....

and also... while still in regedit in the same place as you were while following the other instructions you'll need to do this:

right click the Parameters key and select new, then String value, then in there type "AppParameters"..

then... click on AppParameters and click modify and type the path to your .pl perl program.. eg c:\myprogramms\

close regedit... now when you go to your services part of Windows NT there will be service with the name you specified at the earlier step... you can now click start and stop to control it... :-) i think! i hope so anyway! good luck! i hope that answered the part of the question i could answer.

i would slit my wrists for you

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Re: Re: Perl Console Window
by o(o_o)o (Scribe) on Jan 09, 2002 at 06:21 UTC
    i'm such a dummy! better idea than me in the post above, follow the activestate's official explanation of how to do it by going to:
    How do I run a Perl script as a Windows NT Service
    there! silly me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    i would slit my wrists for you

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