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by blokhead (Monsignor)
on Jan 09, 2002 at 08:56 UTC ( [id://137386]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

About me:

My sig (similar in spirit to Fun With Reserved Keywords):
perl -le 'exp tr qw s my not vec eq abs do le chop q ge print lc if sort s qq socket y qx cmp s q qq or rand chop'
Here is a related hello world:
sort cos or s qq q and s m m print chr ord for qw q hex eval le lt oct q m and eval xor uc print lc qq m m and eval qq x not sin print chr ord for qw q warn open ref le do qx xor sleep log print qq q q if localtime sqrt chop

My bookmarks:

I tend to bookmark nodes related to theoretical topics like applied discrete math, algorithms, computability & complexity. And a handful of fallacious uses of theoretical computer science (the hall of shame!): I also have a soft spot for iterators that generate combinatorial objects: Techniques/inspiration for writing iterators in general: Other miscellaneous useful nodes:

My contributions:

Here are some of my highest-ranked nodes: Code snippets I've posted that might be of general interest (and things I keep having to search for): I like to ramble about theoretical mumbo-jumbo:

Evolutionary algorithms links:

In a previous life, I was very interested in evolutionary algorithms. Here are some (biased) links, which are by now terribly out-of-date:

Perl Modules:

Other articles/resources with a decidedly Perl flavor: Misc:


What famous people had to say about me:
  • "The vanity of teaching doth oft tempt a man to forget he is a blockhead."
         -- George Savile, first Marquis of Halifax, 1633-1695
  • "The great person is ahead of their time, the smart make something out of it, and the blockhead, sets themselves against it."
         -- Jean Baudrillard
  • "A learned blockhead is a greater blockhead than an ignorant one."
         -- Benjamin Franklin
  • "No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money."
         -- Samuel Johnson
  • The bookful blockhead, ignorantly read
    With loads of learned lumber in his head.

         -- Alexander Pope
  • "The liar at any rate recognizes that recreation, not instruction, is the aim of conversation, and is a far more civilised being than the blockhead who loudly expresses his disbelief in a story which is told simply for the amusement of the company."
         -- Oscar Wilde
  • "A grave blockhead should always go about with a lively one - they show one another off to the best advantage."
         -- William Hazlitt
  • "A blockhead cannot come in, nor go away, nor sit, nor rise, nor stand, like a man of sense."
         -- Jean de la Bruyere
  • "There never was any party, faction, sect, or cabal whatsoever, in which the most ignorant were not the most violent; for a bee is not a busier animal than a blockhead."
         -- Alexander Pope
  • "Being a blockhead is sometimes the best security against being cheated by a man of wit."
         -- François, Duc De La Rochefoucauld
  • "When there is sympathy, there needs but one wise man in a company and all are wise,—so, a blockhead makes a blockhead of his companion. Wonderful power to benumb possesses this brother."
         -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Silly Perlmonks milestones:
  • 2003-10-12 • 197 posts • 3000 xp • 228th saint
  • 2004-05-13 • 278 posts • 5000 xp
  • 2004-09-06 • 334 posts • 6000 xp
  • 2004-10-28 • 360 posts • 6400 xp • top 100
  • 2005-03-10 • 385 posts • 7000 xp
  • 2005-10-04 • 437 posts • 8000 xp
  • 2006-04-29 • 489 posts • 9000 xp • 90th Prior
  • 2007-03-24 • 526 posts • 10000 xp
  • 2007-12-17 • 575 posts • 11000 xp
  • 2009-10-14 • 631 posts • 12000 xp • 102nd Monsignor (I sure have slowed down!)
Monks I've met in meatspace:

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