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Here's one that caused me to sit back and go, "Hmmmm...".

Reading through some well-distributed code I found this near the top of the main script:

use lib qw(./include); use Cwd; # avoid needing to refer to SnortSnarf packages as SnortSnarf::*, even + if # that is where they really are: sub BEGIN { push(@INC,map("$_/SnortSnarf",grep(-d "$_/SnortSnarf",@INC +))); } use SnortFileInput; use HTMLMemStorage; use HTMLAnomMemStorage; use SnortRules; etc. etc.
Now, although I have never seen the little meme in that BEGIN block before, I understand what it is doing. (That's not the question.) My question is this: "is this a Good Practice?" What is the point?

So far as I can see, this bit of source-hiding simply saves a few keystrokes near the top of the file. And if done to access it could lead to some maintainance annoyances. Imagine adding several module paths to @INC and then trying to find the modules later: "Let's see, I wonder if the module referred to in 'use Parser' is XML::Parser or HTML::Parser..."

It's cute. It's slick. But is it Good?


Update: Thanks to the responders below for confirming my misgivings. I'm open to learn new approaches, but this one felt wrong from the get-go.