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Re: Perl won't run as NT service

by Sniper (Scribe)
on Feb 01, 2002 at 15:27 UTC ( [id://142702]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl won't run as NT service


how do you run your script as service ?
are you using PerlSvc, SrvAny (from NT Resources Kit), Win32::Daemon ?
Win32::Daemon is good and free and the script using it is a TRUE native NT Service

David "Sniper" Rigaudiere

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Re: Re: Perl won't run as NT service
by Biker (Priest) on Feb 04, 2002 at 15:53 UTC

    "Win32::Daemon is good and free and the script using it is a TRUE native NT Service"

    I downloaded and installed Win32::Daemon for Perl 5.6. I then started a simpe evaluation for a potential use in our shop.

    My major problem is that the documentation leaves a lot to whish. Some methods are mentioned while their parameter lists are completely absent from the documentation. I even tried to re-generate the doc using pod2html, but the new doc wasn't better than the on-line version.

    For instance, I'm able to find the parameters for installing a service, but only in the example given. Not in the docs. The example invites the less carefull developer to install the test service. (I assume it will work, but I still haven't run it.)
    At the same time, I am still unable to find the parameters for un-installing the same service. (Which is why I didn't install the "test service" in the first place.) And of course there is no example code to un-install the installed test-service either. I guess this is covered in the commercial book.

    Of course, I could send for the authors book at, but it doesn't really feel right as long as we're talking "free". Agreed, noone said the book would be free, but providing free software (as stated on the site) with commercial documentation is not really what I had expected.

    And please bare in mind that I was not hoping to get the complete book for free. I just wanted to have a simple POD for all methods in the module.

    You know, like the module. It's documented with POD. The documentation is complete if you know what you want to do and why. (This is what I'd expect from "free" software.) If, OTOH, you need to learn the concepts of GCI programming with Perl, you may need to buy the commercial book. A much more appealing concept IMHO.

    "Livet är hårt" sa bonden.
    "Grymt" sa grisen...

      I agree with you,
      I will write and publish here even a tutorial for Win32::Daemon,
      but time is not my friend :- (

      David "Sniper" Rigaudiere

        I really look forward to it. ;-)

        Everything will go worng!

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