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Re: (Kozz) Re: "canned" FTP

by PriNet (Monk)
on Feb 21, 2002 at 00:21 UTC ( #146668=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to (Kozz) Re: "canned" FTP
in thread "canned" FTP

i'm an assembly programmer by heart, so i would rather try to do "this" written from raw code as compared to using the Net::FTP module. i'm new to using sockets so bear with me, i just prefer understanding (by snippets/examples) how to accomplish this in the absolute basic bottom line. perhaps someone can direct me to the code listing for Net::FTP rather than just the most common "how to use" reference? i have no queries that if i could get a visual of the module, i could understand how its done... thanx for everyones response, i have been looking at the Net::FTP option, but, it doesnt do the proverbal "inside workings" that i yern

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Re: Re: (Kozz) Re: "canned" FTP
by gellyfish (Monsignor) on Feb 21, 2002 at 09:53 UTC

    perhaps someone can direct me to the code listing for Net::FTP

    Well first you install Net::FTP then examine the file that is in the distribution directory (possibly in lib/Net/ - I don't have an unpacked one to hand :) - you will find that you will also need to refer to the code Net::Cmd. of which Net::FTP is a subclass. You will see firstly that the Net::* modules all use the module IO::Socket rather than going straight to the naked socket routines - this gives them a clearer and easier to understand implementation IMO.


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