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I don't know about the status of Mark Overmeers mail program, but he developed the Mail::Box suite to deal with email in its various forms of existence for a mail reader program written in Perl/Tk.

As for your idea to store all your mails in a database, this can be a curse and a blessing - you lose the tool/skillset associated with Unix, mostly grep and Perl to deal with mailfiles, but you gain (given a good table design) the SQL toolset to search and manipulate your mails.

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Re: Re: Managing a Personal Email Archive
by oubiwann (Sexton) on Mar 08, 2002 at 02:35 UTC
    I've actually written code with Mail::Box. It was pretty strange getting used to - but not because of the module; because of the mail!

    I had to do something almost identical to what you are doing, but it was for filling out timesheets (dread!). I had it suck in my mail, dump the parts of the header and the body into different fields, and then run that against the tasks I had in bugzilla...

    I can't tell you how great this module is. Go for it! If you want to email me at work, I can try to dig up that code. I never polished it up, so it might be kind of messy... let me know:

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