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Dear Perl Monks,

hopefully i am not too keen, if i ask bluntly and stupidly: How is concurrency and the execution of perl programms through perl supported....

No, crap, let's start again: with some background on my real problem...:

I have existing perl programms, which i want to automate (execute) thorugh a perl programm. Since the existing perl programms have very different requirements in terms of execution time and frequency, the executing perl programm must expect a high degree of concurrency. I can't use for instance cron, because the sheduling is done in a different system. Also if i just execute the perl programms through the sheduling system, i have a scalabilty problem ... like the cgi problem with httpd, addressed with mod_perl.

What are the options? How well is mulithreading supported? Fork versus system, is eval feasible for execution whole perl programms? Etc.?

I am aware, that this potentially a "big" and many questions, there fore i appreciate any hints, links to existing/similiar solutions.

Humble seeker of Perl wisdom