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Re: Re: My primary PC CPU is a

by snafu (Chaplain)
on Apr 01, 2002 at 21:18 UTC ( #155859=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: My primary PC CPU is a
in thread My primary PC CPU is a

Well, I admit, my employer treats us pretty well. I am treated a bit better than some of the others because of the other extra-curricular things I do. Here is what I have on my desk right now:

1: Sun Blade 100 running @ 450 mHz with 128 Mb (use to be 256 but they took 128 away from me! Whats that all about?!

2: My Sun Blade 100 has a SunPCI 2 card in it. This is basicly an AMD motherboard running everything except its own hdd. Technically, this is a PC inside my Sun Blade. I am running Win 2K on it. Its a 700 mHz CPU with 196 Mb of RAM.

3: Intel Pentium III 700 with 256 Mb.


*I am running a 7 drive cdrom scsi array off my Sun Blade that automounts and auto shares when a CD is placed in the drive. People use this to install software onto servers that we don't have physical access to. (the main data center is about 20 minutes away from here).

*I have an 8mm dat and an HP cdrom 9600 series CDRW daisy chained together for backups. Ok, the part that sucks about this is that cdrecord doesn't have drivers bundled for the cdrw. So, it kind of can't write atm. :)

I know it wasn't asked for but I am curious to know what others have, too. At home, I have computers coming out of my ears!
1: My main machine is an AMD K6-2 350 with 256 Mb running FreeBSD 4.5.

2: Next down is a Pentium 233 MMX with 64Mb running Linux

3: A Pentium Celeron 700 with 128 Mb running FreeBSD.

4: A Pentium Celeron 700 with 256 Mb running FreeBSD.

and finally
5: A Pentium III 600 laptop with 128Mb dual-bootable to Win2k Pro SP1 and FreeBSD 4.4.

Thats my line up. I prefer the AMD chips. I just happened to get great prices on machines that were Intel only on the main boards so, I was stuck with getting Intel shtuff. I prefer AMD over Intel though...I really do! :)

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- Jim
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