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My latest obsession is the Sprog Project. It's kind of fun and it's written in Perl, so go on - check it out.

This page used to say I was a relative newcomer to the monastery but now I've been here a few years, that story just doesn't wash any more. When I've got something interesting to say, I might post it here, but for now, here are some Perly things I've done:

That list makes me seem like some sort of XML freak - but I'm actually a fairly normal kinda guy :-)

I'm also the coordinator for So if you're ever passing through New Zealand's capital city, be sure to look us up.

I think this is my most underrated node. And for balance, this is probably my most overrated node.

If you're just getting started with XML::Simple, then please read this article. If you've used XML::Simple and are looking for something better, here's one suggestion.