This is a problem I had been thinking about in the last few days, and the XML tickers may make it easier to solve.

One problem with chatbox scripts like mine is that they continually load a page, which when using cookies means that I'm seen as "logged in" by the Other users nodelet. However, it may be that I just left the script running and went to lunch, so that gives misleading impression (someone may type a message addressed to me, but not using /msg, that I will not see because it'll be gone by the time I come back).

So what I was thinking is if it would be possible to have the Other users nodelet not include you if all you are doing is polling the XML tickers. That way, I could leave my chat script running all day, but yet I would only appear as logged in when I actually browse the site, or post something to the chatbox.

Does this make sense? Vroom, what do you think? What do others think?