Granted, this is not Perl poetry, but it seemed the best place to put it... a little song parody inspired by the recent battles...

To the tune of "Mystery Science Theater 3000":

In the not too distant future
Next Sunday, AD
There was a place called PerlMonks
It was a perl community...

Their motto was, "It's all in fun,
There's more than one way it can be done!"
They did a good job helping newbies code
Until holy wars erupted, then the whole place would explode!

"We'll indent using spaces!"
"No! Tabs! Before each line!" (la-la-la)
Till each monk thinks that their own style
Is the best one of all time...

Now keep in mind that perl won't care
Where the whitespace begins or ends
We're all trying to keep our sanity
With the help of our pragma friends...

Code Tool Roll Call
warnings! ("Are you SURE?")
objects! ("I'm not a hashtable!")
Perl-Tidy! ("Cleanup time!")
striiiiiiict! ("Don't DO that!")

If you're arguing where to curly brace
And other format facts,
Please repeat to yourself, "It's just whitespace,
I should really just relax..."