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Re: usage

by perlcgi (Hermit)
on Jun 02, 2000 at 16:38 UTC ( #16000=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to usage

Hope this reply isn't naive, let me know if it is...
If the machines are all the same architecture check out in the CPAN administrative scripts section at It compares two directories recursively, prints out a report and generates a batch file that can sync two trees. Then maybe you could do something along the lines of this
perl /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl /mnt/prodn/usr/local/ +lib/perl5/site_perl
Maybe then, grok the command file for a reality check, then run it.

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RE: Re: usage
by cyclone (Novice) on Jun 03, 2000 at 04:36 UTC
    I read the documentation on and a co-worker posed this question:
    How is it better than rdist? Are there benefits to using the Perl code over the built-in sync utility?
    BTW... we use *NIX here.
      How is it better than rdist?
      Good question? It is written in Perl :-) but rdist users rlogin, and dupes the permissions which might be an easier to maintain solution. I note some other discussions here by fellow perlmonk corion mention rsync which could well be the way to go. This document summarizes the pro's and con's of rdisk v rsync. rsync seems to win hands down.
        Ok I'll look at rsync when I get in Monday and see if that'll be a good solution for us. Thanks.

        I still don't understand what autobundle does for me if I can't use it to install a module set. I update the production area only after all beta tests have finished. That could be a week or 5 depending on project scope.

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