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by Olecram (Initiate)
on Apr 19, 2002 at 09:53 UTC ( [id://160477]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Hi. I'm kind of surprised you visit this page, but after all, curiosity is a human race trait. I am a nice person with one 'issue': intelligence.
Many people does not understand what I write or say, but 'Considering the sources' I have come to the conclusion that ignorance makes dumb people bash what they don't like.
That is why my nodes tension is usually around 100%.
I am a person who hates bigotry and religious cults as institutions, as a fanatic is a bad thing... a stupid fanatic is teh w0rst.

A quite important thing that I realized while defending myself in the CB:
"he writes about himself!" "he is the guy descrived in his statements!" and bullshit like that... In the CB it's always monks against me. Not one nor two. Many.
So I give here a little fact to think about.
I state that I am intelligent.
Intelligent people in this world is more or less abundant than ignorant and idiotic? The answer is obvious, but I've learnt to not underestimate stupidity.
Ignorants VS Intelligents : 1000 - 1!
So it is sensate to think that for any intelligent person there are MANY unintelligent, dim-witted persons.
And truly that is the situation.

Interesting points that came out during a somewhat prolonged matter that drew attention upon me:
- Many believe that code and coder are separate things... but does really one code in a way that is different than what his personality involves? If you do it... please never reply to my posts. Thanks!
- Never swear in the *Chatter Box*! Eternal damnation! There is ALWAYS a 'moderator', and he looks after you and punishes you with godly anger! Don't ever hurt the sensibility of the chatterboxtubbies! Apart from the sarcasm, If you cannot handle a discussion like an adult, /ignore me and don't reply to my topics. Thanks.
- There is a very important command out there. It is called "ignore" and you issue it in the chatterbox like /ignore Olecram. You see? Simple. If I annoy you with my chatter, ignore me. Just don't break my **lls. Writing that I annoy YOU! Thanks!
- RTFM... rtfm... who wants to spend precious minutes reading a manual, if an answer can be obtained from a good-willing person? If you don't want to read, don't read; if you don't want to reply, don't reply. Just don't be an idiot and whine about the fact 'you will not reply because I did not RTFM.'. If you'd instead suggest me to RTFM, please dont reply to my posts. Thanks.

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