vote on Perl 6 will primarily be:

The coolest language ever. I may never go outside again.
[bar] 149/22%
Like Perl5, only slicker.
[bar] 81/12%
Whatever I configure it to be. My own private Perl.
[bar] 25/4%
Even more annoying to uptight language grannies.
[bar] 41/6%
Something I worry about when it arrives.
[bar] 75/11%
The leverage Parrot needs to conquer the world.
[bar] 24/4%
A mixed bag. Some ideas I love, some I fear.
[bar] 94/14%
Frustrating; I've worked hard to learn Perl 5, dang it!
[bar] 58/9%
Finished just in time to teach to my grandkids.
[bar] 38/6%
Like APL, only not as easy to read. Hmm... where's the ∌ key?
[bar] 8/1%
Perl's downfall. Woe! Despair!
[bar] 21/3%
None of the above; see my rant below.
[bar] 6/1%
I'm waiting to hear what paco thinks.
[bar] 50/7%
670 total votes

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