CrazyPPM repository, interested?

Recently I acquired a compiler for me win32 box, and I started compilin' all them packages I couldn't before. ActiveState compiles only those packages their users request (the subscribers), and I usually couldn't get the latest and the greatest, sooo, tell me, would you be interested if I were to run a PPM repository? Ya can drop me /tell's /msg's and I'd see if I can compile the stuff (I probably will), and I'll put it up.

I already made my first ppm and I have put it up at and ignatz tells me it installed ok, althought he hasn't yet tested it ... feel free to do that, lemme know what you think.

for perl 5.6.x
for perl 5.8.x
but be sure to read README.html.

UPDATE: I striked part about /msg (I only take requests by email, and subject must conform). You must to read README.html.

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