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All, I am having problem setting cookie manually. Hoever, I have no problem setting it via CGI qw(:standard). But for my educational purppose, I would like to know why this piece of code is not setting my cookie.

#!/usr/bin/perl # example_5-1.cgi use strict; print qq(Content-type: text/html\n"); print qq(Set-Cookies: username=Fred Flinstone; ); print qq(expires=Mon, 01-May-2003 00:00:00 GMT; ); print qq(path=/); print qq(\n\n); print qq(A cookie has been set in your browser...<P>); print qq(<A HREF="example_5-2.cgi">); print qq(Click to view the cookie</A>);

here's the code that checks if the cookie is set:

#!/usr/bin/perl #example_5-2.cgi use strict; my ($key,$value) = split(/=/,$ENV{HTTP_COOKIE}); print qq(Content-type: text/html\n\n); print qq(The cookie <B>$key</B> contained <B>$value</B>);

When I call the code via my browser: http://localhost/cgi-bin/play/example_5-1.cgi this sets the cookie and http://localhost/cgi-bin/play/example_5-2.cgi this displays it, but the cookie is not displaying. I even check Konqueror for the cookie, but there's nothing there from localhost. Does any one see anything wrong with this? Thanks.