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I have a simple two column spreadsheet.

Column A contains names, and B counts of the names.

How can I sprinkle column A's names along the X axis of my chart (instead of getting 1,2,3 etc)?

I've read all the documentation I can find on this but I'm stuck!

My efforts so far...

use Win32::OLE etc $axisrange="a1:a$i"; # names $range = "b1:b$i"; # counts of names print "range $range\n"; $Sheet->Range("$range")->Select; my $Chart = $Book->Charts->Add; $Chart->{ChartType} = -4100; $Chart = $Excel->ActiveChart; $SeriesCol = $Chart->SeriesCollection->Add; $SeriesCol->{XValues} = $Sheet->Range("$axisrange"); $Chart = $Excel->ActiveChart; etc
Can anyone offer a simple example or let me know what I'm doing wrong?