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by sch (Pilgrim)
on May 02, 2002 at 23:56 UTC ( [id://163690]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Hmmm, what to put in here ... well I guess a bit about me and how I came across Perl.

My background is in Unix, first as a developer in C, then a sysadmin, and currently in support - although at the minute I seem to be concentrating more on the hw side of things rather than sw or os

I came across Perl during my sysadmin days (which I'm still involved in but to a much lesser amount), and found it useful for stuff that until then I'd done using shell s‎crip‎ting, sed & awk - normal unix'y stuff. Suddenly I'd found a language that was flexible enough to let me get stuff done quickly and easily - and I've stuck with it since.

Other than the day job, I'm involved in teaching (and enjoying) scuba diving. This has led me onto setting up and maintaining a website to promote myself and this is where my current Perl priorities are - I've got myself on learning CGI and MySql with Perl being the string that holds the whole thing together

So that's where I am right now - having fun with Perl, but trying to learn new stuff, and there's a lot out there to learn.

By George, I think I might finally have got my head around map!!

Journal of Journey to Enlightenment

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