Greetings, fellas.

At Re: on wasted votes ... I was talking on something that resambles the subject I'm approaching here:
I often see people downvoting a beginner-type of post...
Well, I just saw that it happened with the following node: why use module??. Don't you agree with me that's unfair to downvote this guy?

He is clearly making his first steps on Perl and he is polite, interested and curious, very good qualities in a programmer specially when talking about beginners.

I'm not his/her lawyer nor his/her father, but I think this is the perfect example of a misguided downvote. Shouldn't we think twice before throwing downvotes around? Shouldn't we encourage him other than downvote him just because he asked something that for some of us is trivial?

I know that each site member use his/her votes freely and it's not anyone business, but don't you people think I have a point here?

Peace, brothers and sisters.

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