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Argh! Stupid radio buttons!

I went with C, mostly because it's wonderfully low-level and lets you do some pretty amazing things with memory management. (Lest I start a flamewar, I'll also point out that it lets you do some excruciatingly harmful things with memory mangement.) And because I'm a graphics geek, and C is the best language out there for putting lots of polygons onto the screen really fast.

But I also like C++, because it's mostly like C and has a wickedly featureful OO model. (I actually write most of my graphics code in C++, because of the OO model.)

And I like Haskell, because it's an excellent clean functional language, and it taught me just how cool curried functions and first-class-object functions can be.

And I like LISP, because it's ridiculously tight on the syntax and has pretty much every feature you could ever want. It's like programming with nothing but NANDs, but fun.

And, truth be told, I like 68000 assembly language, mostly because I learned x86 asm first and the 68k just seemed so damn elegant in comparison.

So those are my favourite programming languages, other than Perl. But I only got to choose one. Dammit.