in reply to Favorite programming language, other than Perl:

I picked python
well it really depend on why you need to learn programming
and how much resources do you have!
I study management information systems, so learn needed to
learn at least one programming language, and about the difference between programming languages in general.
When it comes to resources, I didnt have much!
So I head to find a language that I can learn almost for free, I searched the net and I found that only Java and python satisfy this need!
Plus python have Zope with is a nice framework for web/distributed application
Java have J2EE!
So anyway in this poll I had to pick one!
So I picked python, python seem to be better designed then Java, easier to use and learn!
What I like about perl is only :P
nice place, nice community, programmers need this stuff to freshen up and keep work fun!
I will learn perl one day, but just for fun!