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CPAN modules that have changed my programming life: Config::General, XML::LibXML, HTML::TokeParser::Simple, DateTime, Data::Dumper, Net::Server, XML::Writer, LWP::UserAgent, Cache::Cache, Log::Log4perl, MIME::Parser, UNIVERSAL::require, Telephony::CountryDialingCodes, Encode, DBI Net::Stomp, Config::IniFiles.

YAPC::EU 2010
Portugal, Braga
August 4th - 6th
first Italian YAPC!!!

YAPC::EU 2005
Portugal, Braga
August 31 - September 2
my first time at a YAPC!!!

Italian Code Jam 2004
Ferrara, 9th October 2004
simply phenomenal :)

1st Italian Perl Workshop
Pisa, 19-20 July 2004
simply wonderful!

Welcome at my home node. My name is Valerio.

I dream about content management systems. I'm here to learn about patterns and best practices for web applications. Sometimes I try to help other monks; I became the 168th saint on Sunday, March 2 2003; then became Prior on Mon Oct 31 2005. Some other infos are hidden inside HTML comments.

Personal obsessions: self-explaining xml configuration files and semantic file systems, but don't take me seriously.

My nick was given to me in the days of high school, it is not related to the Exxon Valdez disaster; it has not either any relation with any movie starring Charles Bronson or Burt Lancaster, it is only a sort of mangling of my real name.

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