This is an idea from the chat which I'm writing up to get more feedback from the rest of the populace :

It would be convenient on the chat to have "Whiteboard" or "Scrap" nodes, that will last only 2 hours, to post ad-hoc sample code or larger snippets, that don't validate a question to SOPW or Q&A.

Of course, it is currently possible to post such code on the home node, but some people have stuff on their home node and modifying the home node just for some ad-hoc code isn't really convenient

Now my opinion on this

No XP are given for creating/modifying a "Scrap" node

Every (logged in) user has a "Scrap" node accessible under [Username Scrap Node]

These nodes would be automatically deleted by the engine - if something is worth keeping, create a different node for it and gather the XP for it ;)

No links _to_ the scrap node should be possible from permanent nodes - at least, it would be unwise to do such links ;)

Only the creating user has write access to his/her home node.