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mt2k's first obfuscation

by mt2k (Hermit)
on May 14, 2002 at 04:29 UTC ( #166370=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Okay, this one is a doozy! I spent quite a while on this piece of code. I really wanted it to be cool! So anyway, this is a standard script that I have seen thrown around in here. Just a little longer is all :)

I actually want to do an introduction for the code.

  • First of all, like most other obfu scripts, the output is not hardcoded into the script. There are comments in the mass of numbers, but those do not do anything to the script. They are simply comments. And yes, I added a couple of unnecessary commands.
  • Second of all, yes it is long! I didn't start out wanting it to be so long but I got carried away and had fun! Not everything is work... all work and no play makes a dull mt2k.
  • Third, this worked fine on both the Win32 system and the linux system I tested it on (okay, so the linux version spat a syntax error at me where Win32 did not, but I fixed it) So if you have any problems, pleaase post the error(s) it gives you. The script runs fine with use strict; but fails big time with warnings enabled! (especially with all those non-numeric comments I threw in for fun)
  • Fourth, a description on how I did this: nah, maybe not. I will not ruin the fun. Try and figure it out :) Pssttt... after you have run it once, only get rid of the word 'eval' at the end of the script and run it through again. It is very interesting what you get :)
  • Fifth... oh wait, there is no "fifth"! So without further ado, here it is!

{eval{sub _{{(@!{2} ,@![3])=split(/\`/,$1)} (@![0],@!{1})=(@!{2},@![3]) if$_++<++$|;$..=chr@! [3]+-($!{2}/(@!{1}+$![0])+-1);}_ while($|='2`10`1`115`49`121`25`100`49`36`37`98`49`127` 85`130`109`49`49`68`1`33`61`128`85`57`109`134`85`20 `97`18`1`44`97`72`97`41HEHE`25`93`73`57`37`96`85`48`13` 62`1`115`25`114`97`116`1`105`37`119`73`46`73`53`109 `101`61`101`25`49`25`46`109`45`85`56`85`48`73`131`37` 16`25`12`85hello`47`85`71`1`33`25`93`25`50`73`99`73`50`1` 64#`61`38`49`127`61`54`49`129`85`48`1`61`73`46`85`71` 1`33`61`128`49`54`73`131`13`45`61`69`61`38`97`99`37` 54`37`96`73`47`25` 15`97`18`25`107`13`103`73`42`37`98 `37`46`37`46`73`66`37`46 `85`50`1`36`37`127`49`63`61` 117`109`123`1`105`1`110`61`121`49`36`49`103`85`111` 49`118`61`69` 37`36`109`22`37`13`25`93`73`57`61`98`97 `51`1`45`49`44`73`42`37`36`1`123`109`59`49`129`49`51 `1`40`61`69`13`34`25`125`97`57`37`128`97`51`25`38`97 `21`1` 10`25`35`109`100`13` 49`73`99`1`41`73`49`1`45`61 `54`85`48`25`61`97`133`37`98`37`16`13`11`49`123`25` 106`73`111`109`117`37`104`49`44`37`42`97`60`109`105` 85`64`37`99#`13`53`13`49`109`105`1`55`13`56`13`97`73`55 `25`98`37`52`1`49`109`64YA FOUND A COMMENT!`61`101`61`54`85`56`1`56`61 +` 101`1`49`97`58`97`60`97`104`97`60`109`57`13`97`85`56 `85`56`13`58`1`96`97`57`61`101`109`60`85`57`49`100` 25`55`85`58`73Perlmonks Is Awesome`102`1`54`1`57`49`100`73`55`97`104`1 +` 49`109`58`1`48`97`104`13`51`85`62`1`96`1`49`49`53` 61`56`85nothing here`103`1`54`109`63`1`96`1`49`1`50`25`51`13`97`97` 58`1`55`1`96`13` 50`73`54`109`63`13`97`13`53`37`51`109` 105`1`49`109`57`37`55`85`103`109`61`37`51`37`99`13`50`25 `51`13`56`37`99`1`50 `#1`55`85`103`85`58`13`53`61`101`37`53 `73`61`37`99`85`63`85`57`1`96`97`57`1`52`97`104`109`58 `25`50`13`51`61`101`85`64`97`58`49`100`73`55`49`54`73`55` 73`102`61`59`61`59`109` 105`25`51`37`52`25`53`109`105`1`53 `97`59`97`104`109` 60`37`57`61`101`97`58`61`60`37`99`109`64 `85`59`109`105`49`56`25`50`73`102`61`54`49`52`85`55`61`101 `49`53`1`48`109`62`37`99 `85`56`61`53`49`59`49`100`49`61` 85`57`73`102`73`55`49`53`37`55`109`105`73`61`25`59`1`96`49` 53`25`50`25`57`109`105`61`55`13`56`109`105`49`53`1`49`37`57` 13`40`1`61`37`129`73`19`61`15`61`52`25`42`97`99`109`103`1`96` 37`96`85`50`73`102`73`97`85`101`97`104`73`99a`109`52`1`41`1 `96`97`71`85`54`25`105`13`42`37`62'=~/([^`]+`[^`]+)`?/g);print eval $. + ,"\n"}}

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