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Fellow monks,

I am too close to this situation to see the solution clearly, therefore I seek the wisdom...

The Goal:
  • Utilizing a CGI upload, a user can browse to a picture, select a picture, upload it to the destination server (not the CGI server) while Image Magick resizes and renames the picture appropriatley.

  • The Environment:
  • There are three machines, client, CGI server (W2K-Apache), Destination Web server (Open VMS).
  • Note: The CGI server is limited on hard drive space.

  • Achieved so far:
  • CGI upload of the file to the destination server (not the CGI server).
  • Image Magick resizing and renaming, but only writing to the CGI server.

  • Problem:
  • $image->Write($filename); writes to the CGI server, and not to the destination web server.
  • $ftpSession->put($image->Write($filename),$filename); writes to both servers. The destination server has the full version image, where the CGI server has the resized and renamed image (obvious error here.)
  • $ftpSession->put($image,$filename); errors out stating: "Not a GLOB reference"

  • I've tried many variations of the 'put', but it seems that nothing is working. I want to bypass the CGI server completely and move the resized file driectly to the destination server.

    I seek wisdom...

    - Mission