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Re: Image Magick using Net FTP

by joealba (Hermit)
on May 22, 2002 at 15:21 UTC ( #168466=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Image Magick using Net FTP

Could you process the images on the CGI server, FTP all the images to the destination server, then delete them from the CGI server? Is the drive space THAT limited?

Granted, it's not as elegant as printing filehandles over Net::FTP, but it gets the job done.

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Re: Re: Image Magick using Net FTP
by Mission (Hermit) on May 22, 2002 at 15:31 UTC
    That is an option that I have considered, but the web application could have two people uploading 'potentially' the same filename to different destinations on the destination web server. So there is a potential of 'accidentially' overwriting someone else's image when it hits the CGI server.

    I may have to do that (and develop some unique names to avoid the confilcts) but I still believe that this procedure has to be possible. With Perl all things are supposed to be possible... perhaps this is a limitation of Image Magick, but their web site ( doesn't reveal a solution.

    - Mission

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