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(OT) Contents of my Office

by JSchmitz (Canon)
on May 23, 2002 at 15:20 UTC ( #168785=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I just realized 2 things.

1. How much crap I have jammed into a tiny cube
2. My need to share the contents with all of you.

I also have never felt the wrath of the Reaper so this could be the one.

1 Sun Blade 1000
2 empty Star Pizza boxes
8 Red Bull cans, three still full and warm
13 various O'Reilly books
1 blue four legged SGI clock (glommed from last contract gig)
4 Chinese takeout menus
1 Patagonia Critical Mass bag filled with spare shirts
1 Unopened box of Oracle 9 (it will stay that way)
1 Internet map on wall
13 Thinkgeek #!/usr/bin/perl stickers on desk
5 post-it notes from anal retentive boss
1 sock
1 half eaten take-out breakfast
1 bottle Endust monitor cleaner
4 Solaris administration guides
9 Music to annoy the office by CD's
1 Toothbrush
1 half eaten bag of Zours
1 notebook of handwritten snippets (mostly crap)
7 post-it's with recruiters phone numbers
1 picture of son
1 picture of better half



0 0

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Re: Contents of my Office
by FoxtrotUniform (Prior) on May 23, 2002 at 15:42 UTC

    Twelve empty pop cans,
    Eleven well-used CDs,
    Ten ancient Dilberts,
    Nine corporate memos,
    Eight red-marked listings,
    Seven printed doccos,
    Six kinds of tea,
    Five O'Reilly's,
    Four whiteboard markers,
    Three red pens,
    Too much cruft,
    And a cup of far-too-strong coffee.

    Some liberties were taken with Matt's office content for the purposes of this node.

    The hell with paco, vote for Erudil!

Re: Contents of my Office
by jwest (Friar) on May 23, 2002 at 15:32 UTC
    Oh yeah?

    2 stuffed cows
    1 paisley stuffed Cthulhu
    1 rubber chicken
    1 lava lamp
    1 The Young Ones video (yes we have a video!)
    1 George Carlin calendar
    1 set of O'Reilly's that I just can't live without
    1 Necronomicon wedged in there among them
    2 Red Meat comic books
    1 copy of the Principia Discordia
    1 official Mexican Day of the Dead lunchbox
    1 Dilbert candy dispenser
    1 F5 magic 8-ball, lifted from a trip to their offices
    1 of those lightning-globe thingers
    2 Nerf guns
    1 Despair demotivator
    1 tiki head
    1 nomad jukebox
    1 pair of wireless headphones

    And that's just what's on my desk!

    Someone should really clean this place up...


    -><- -><- -><- -><- -><-
    All things are Perfect
        To every last Flaw
        And bound in accord
             With Eris's Law
     - HBT; The Book of Advice, 1:7
(wil) Re: Contents of my Office
by wil (Priest) on May 23, 2002 at 15:31 UTC
    Here's the contents of mine:

    1 desk
    1 computer
    4 very empty walls
    1 incompetent and very puzzled perl hacker

    and by the time you read this:

    1 resignation letter


    - wil
      Let me clarify a few things regarding my 'resignation' statement above.

      First off, I want to thank everyone for the truly overwhelming and thoughtful response I've had. It really cheered me up.

      This was not an easy spur of the moment decision. It's been a long and difficult one that's been pressing on my mind for many months now. I've been at my present company for 2 years this June, and although I have enjoyed my time here and I'm grateful for the opportunities they have given me, I think it's time for me to reflect on my future and figure out what exactly I want from my life and how I'm going to achieve it.

      The main reason I'm leaving is that I require a new challenge. JSchmitz's post jumped up and smacked me right between my eyes. I guess I'm at a crossroad in my life where I can either stay here; happy (~ish), in a laid back job, no stress, no career prospects or I could go and 'risk' a little and do it myself. I’m lucky enough to be ‘free’ enough of any liabilities that I can try it out on my own and see how it goes.

      I'm going to hang around here for a while then move to a bigger city and see what comes up. I'm still trying to work out if this is what I want to do. Having gone straight into work after high school, University is still an option, as is a total career change.

      Anyway, I didn’t want this to turn into a lengthy post outlining my life story, although some how it’s managed to end up that way anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I am ‘OK’ and that it was my decision, and more importantly - it wasn’t all JSchmitz’s fault ;).

      Let me finish off by giving you all a big thank you for your support. This truly is an outstanding community with a beautiful group of people.

      - wil
      1 resignation letter

      I hope not...

      Keep us posted...

      Yves / DeMerphq
      Writing a good benchmark isnt as easy as it might look.

Re: Contents of my Office
by Joost (Canon) on May 23, 2002 at 16:25 UTC
    Ok, so here's my list (desk only):

    2 Robotwars videos 1 multi-pc controller 1 vinyl techno record (roy cordu) 3 ivitations for far too expensive symosia about 13 o'reilly books (perl and other) 1 sun java servlet book 1 java in a nutshell 1 how to become a pirate handbook 1 TPJ 2 speakers 12 unsorted floppies 4 cut-out redmeat construction set comics 1 half-filled plate 2 half-filled glasses 1 half-filled coffee mug 1 empty cd-r 1 cd-r with upsetters mp3s 1 "rap band" portable rhytm toy 2 juggling balls 1 very old photo camera 1 thirsty and dusty plant 4 piles of unsorted print-outs 2 working pens several non-working pens 2 empty agendas 2 boxes of unused business cards 1 'phone operator' headphone 1 CBM64 basic handbook 5 notes with importand passwords :-)
    -- Joost downtime n. The period during which a system is error-free and immune from user input.

      5 notes with important passwords :-)

      That we have to remember... Just in case :)

      - Yes, I reinvent wheels.
      - Spam: Visit eurotraQ.

Re: Contents of my Office
by mikeB (Friar) on May 23, 2002 at 15:39 UTC
    We'll send our mice your way :)

    Let's see:

    • Poster of an Airbus A320 cockpit
    • Tripwire Security Exploits poster - unused
    • Several PostgreSQL manuals
    • 11 Perl books
    • C.J. Date's 5th Edition
    • 2002 Cowboy Bebop calendar
    • 2000 asian food market calendar (good pix)
    • 2 clocks with corporate logo
    • Large tin Dragon Well tea
    • Small bag HUANSHAN MAOFENG tea
    • 3 feet of Microsoft manuals destined for a garage sale
    • Lots of articles ripped from trade rags
    • Too many un-/partially-read trade rags
    • 4 pix of family, including dog :)
    • Oh... and 3 computers
Re: Contents of my Office
by talexb (Chancellor) on May 23, 2002 at 16:04 UTC
    • Bookshelf
      • Top Shelf
        • Perl Cookbook
        • Running Linux
        • MySQL & mSQL
        • Learning the bash shell
        • Schwager on Technical Analysis
        • Last three years of DayTimer booklets
      • Second Shelf
        • Digital modem w/ two stuffed animals from fiancee
        • 'TALEX' carved from a single block of wood
        • scanner
        • hub
        • old audio tapes
        • unused phone
      • Third Shelf
        • XML-RPC
        • Cascading Style Sheets
        • HTML & XHTML
        • Programming PHP (gag)
        • HTML
        • The C Programming Language, K&R (with original receipt dated November, 1981 from UW bookstore)
        • Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C
        • Java in a Nutshell
        • XSLT
        • JavaScript
        • Turbo C Reference guide (about ten years old -- Borland)
        • Learning the vi editor
        • Designed Active Server Pages (gag again)
        • stack of fan-fold paper for dot matrix printer
        • various audio and video tapes
        • 17" monitor
        • empty file folder
        • various manuals on CPU and monitor
        • Cheesy digital clock giveaway from Inc. magazine
      • Fourth Shelf
        • cranky HP LJ 1100 printer that insists on printing using a dozen or more sheets at once.
        • Two year old P3-450 w/384M RAM with cover off after installing new memory. Cover should be back on in time for Christmas.
        • Various 3 1/2" diskettes, dust bunnies
      • Bottom Shelf
        • even crankier Sharp FO-760 fax that forgets to ingest paper until the received page is half way through. Thanks, I didn't need that fax anyway. </ul
    • Desk
      • Dusty box of business cards
      • Box of 5 1/4" and 3 1/2" diskettes. Don't ask what the 5 1/4" diskettes are doing here, the last machine that had a drive that took those hasn't been turned on in three years.
      • Can with assorted pens, markers, nail file, steak knide letter opener and flowcharting template.
      • More business cards
      • Lamp
      • Photos of my two sisters and my cousins.
      • printout of doco
      • replacement ribbon for dot matrix printer sold a year ago
      • Perl DBI
      • Programming Perl (3rd edition -- 2nd edition now retired on another bookcase)
      • various boxes of cheques
      • unopened pack of Trident gum
      • Junk mail from
      • headphones
      • P.Eng. stamp with stamp pad
      • rosters for East York Barbershoppers going back a few years
      • roster for Board of Trade Young Professionals (February 1999)
      • box of staples
      • red mouse pad from OTA systems where I hought my 486 in '91 or so
      • Cool wireless mouse from LogiTech
      • Radio Shack calculator
      • white drafting eraser

    Update: All books are the O'Reilly versions unless otherwise noted. I have another 15 or so O'Reilly's on another bookshelf.

    --t. alex

    "Nyahhh (munch, munch) What's up, Doc?" --Bugs Bunny

Re: Contents of my Office
by Beatnik (Parson) on May 23, 2002 at 16:29 UTC
    In case you REALLY want to know...
    My pseudo office at home is pretty much a junkyard :) A list

    4 older (286->486) boxen in the corner... unused
    6 newer (P133->PIII 800) boxen (accompanied by peripherals)... connected
    1 P75 Firewall... connected
    2 Compaq Armada laptops (accompanied by peripherals) ... connected
    1 100 mbit Assante switch for available boxen
    1 10 mbit hub for firewall
    Several 100 meters of CAT5 (multiple cables)
    Stacks of schoolbooks and notes
    Stacks of general Comp Sci books (over a dozen ORA books included)
    Stacks of audio and data CDs
    Stacks of Comp Sci and general magazines
    Tons of pens and pencils (including whiteboard markers)
    1 fold-up bed & 1 normal bed
    2 unused 17" screens (on floor)
    2 unused notebook bags + 2 used notebook cases
    2 empty cans of Ice Tea
    1 empty bowl (from breakfast)
    cellphone, laptop and plain battery chargers
    fluorescent bounce ball that makes sound when bounced (Compaq)
    Misc. office supplies and printer paper
    Printer + Axis printer server
    2 tables (to hold all the junk)
    2 ergonomic chairs
    A large closet (contains schoolbooks, notes, etc)
    I probably missed a whole lot of junk but most classifies under office supplies, school books and notes and peripherals :) Did I mention I dont actually sleep in that room? :)
    Don't make me post a picture online :)
    Room (1) Room (2) Room (3) Room (4) Room (5)

    ... Quidquid perl dictum sit, altum viditur.
Re: Contents of my Office
by buckaduck (Chaplain) on May 23, 2002 at 22:22 UTC
    1 Sun Blade 1000
    2 empty Star Pizza boxes

    Look closely. Are you sure that those pizza boxes aren't old Sparcstations?

    On to my list:

    • Sun Sparc5 running Solaris 7
    • Dell Latitude notebook (with docking station) running Win95
    • Digital PC running Red Hat Linux 7.2
    • Belkin KVM box which lets me use the same keyboard/monitor for all of these
    • HP 2000C printer
    • APC UPS
    • Cabletron Hub
    • Broken 36GB hard drive boxed up to return to vendor
    • Dilbert page-a-day calendar
    • Stuffed Dogbert doll^H^H^H^Haction figure
    • Stuffed Easter bunny
    • Acrylic sculpture of an alien landscape
    • Lord of the Rings soundtrack
    • Enormous tool box, which I have never ever used
    • 5 coffee mugs. Why would I need five?
    • M&M dispenser
    • Plastic slinky
    • 15 boxes of 10 CDs each containing archived data
    • 10 more boxes of blank CDs. Go, burner, go!
    • 10 O'Reilly books
    • 5 Perl books
    • 8 UNIX books
    • 3 network books
    • 2 Java books
    • 2 JavaScript books
    • 1 Visual Basic book
    • 1 Oracle book
    • Lots of old journals: Dr. Dobbs, S/W Expert, Performance Computing, Linux Journal, ...
    • Hundreds of manuals, many for things which are surely no longer in use here. Time for a spring cleaning.


Re: Contents of my Office
by ignatz (Vicar) on May 23, 2002 at 15:40 UTC
    • Today's New York Times.
    • Little Starbucks bag with one chocolate biscotti.
    • Venti "Redeye" (Large coffee with shot of expresso (Oh, how I miss Peets. Didn't need no expresso for their stuff.)).
    • CDR of MP3s containing:
      • Kieth Jarrett etc... Standards Vol 2
      • Elvis Costello; Blood and Chocolate
      • Shakira; Laundry Service
      • David Bowie; Telling Stories
      • Fishbone; The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx (There's a group that brings back memories)
      • Dulce Pontes; A Brisa Do Caracao
      • Trierer Klassik; Symphonies by Johann Georg Lang and Pietro Pompeo Sales
      • Tito Puente; Master Timbalero
      • Frank Sinatra with Count Basie and his Orchestra
      • Iannis Xenakis; Mycènes Alpha
      • Gilberto Rosa Santa; Salsa Sinfonica
      • Wall of Voodoo; Call of the West
    • 1 half full box of Double Bubble bubble gum, Original 1928 Flavor
    • 1 bottle Aquafina water, half full of tap water.
    • George Herriman; Krazy & Ignatz, The Complete Full-page Comic Strips 1925-1926
    • Danny Goodman, Dynamic HTML
    • Cliff Rotton, JavaScript Programmer's Reference
    • David Flanagan, JavaScript, The Definitive Guide 4th Edition
    • One Leather Briefcase containing:
      • 1 pack Kroger Cream Cheese & Chives with Crispy Wafers (Pic of The Crunchinator on the label)
      • Ross Leckie, Bluff Your Way in the Classics
      • 1 bottle Apollinaris The Queen of Table Waters Mineral Water
      • Receipt for $240 from the Tonga Room
      Venti "Redeye" (Large coffee with shot of expresso (Oh, how I miss Peets. Didn't need no expresso for their stuff.)).

      Peet's does mail-order. Why bother with anything else?
      mmmm.... Peet's....

      Brian (Berkeley expatriate)
        I know, I know. I just need to whole ritual of going in, getting the Times, saying good morning to everyone, ordering the coffee and biscotti, adding the milk, making the sipping sound to test it. It's a whole involved thing. I did bring home three pounds of Peets (Organic and Vienna blends) from my trip to SF. :-)
Re: Contents of my Office
by Popcorn Dave (Abbot) on May 24, 2002 at 02:55 UTC
    Okay here's my office contents, or at least some... :)

    1. 300+ CDs ranging from classical to the history of punk
    2. At last count, 19 clocks all showing the wrong time except the one that runs backwards
    3. Television, VCR and stereo
    4. Cable hookup for the PC
    5. 4 PCs - 1 Win98, 1 Win95, 1 SuSE 7.3, 1 Win XP
    6. Pinball machine - Mr & Mrs Pacman
    7. Refridgerator
    8. Microwave
    9. 1/2 case of Penguin caffeiinated mints
    10. Payphone
    11. Calendar of Mexican movie posters
    12. Dr Pepper Cookbook Book Markers
    13. Teletubbies figurines on my monitor
    14. Phrenology head
    15. Blue rubber spider pushpinned to the wall
    16. Two wipe off boards for coding ideas
    17. Voodoo doll
    18. Monkey with fez, salt and pepper shakers
    19. Guitar
    20. Accordian
    21. Glow in the dark skull
    22. Set of Prisoner DVDs
    23. Thai Buddah wall hanging

    And that's what I can see quickly - and isn't buried. :) Some people fall from grace. I prefer a running start...

Re: Contents of my Office
by beernuts (Pilgrim) on May 23, 2002 at 16:00 UTC

    1. Dell Laptop
    2. Dell Desktop
    3. Netra T1
    4. 11 O'Reilly Books
    5. 2 tins of Penguin Caffeinated Peppermints
    6. Stack of business cards
    7. Deli Menu
    8. vi cheat sheet
    9. Listing of holidays
    10. Listing of LDAP Error codes
    11. 7 stickies with various info
    12. lodestone copy stand from Levenger
    13. Swingline stapler (Milton-esque)
    14. Travel Alarm Clock
    15. 2 coffee mugs
    16. Oracle 8i (unopened)
    17. Solaris 8 (Opened)


Re: Contents of my Office
by Juerd (Abbot) on May 23, 2002 at 16:43 UTC

    Let's see... Things that use electricity:

    • 2 17" TFT screens, on VESA arms
    • A standard miditower computer case
    • Two phones, with two battery chargers
    • 4 speakers and a sub-woofer (I work at home)
    • Three mice
    • A drawing tablet
    • Two keyboards, of which one is used only for its joystick-like mouse control thingy
    • A wristpad (soon to be replaced with arm pads)
    • A mosquito-zapping lamp
    • An electronic screwdriver
    • My very own UPS (I hate power outages)
    • A UTP switch, 8 ports
    • The cradle for my PocketPC device, with the device in it
    • A fax/copier
    • A printer, deskjet
    • An alarm clock with very large digits
    • And of course my great *cough* laptop
    Things that don't use electricity because they're not connected:
    • Usb2audio thingy
    • Several network interface cards, pci and isa
    • More isa/pci stuff
    • Two webcams
    • Lots of utp
    • A 17" CRT monitor
    • Some PCMCIA devices
    • Multiple keyboards, some split, some straight
    • A 2U server case
    • A V.21 modem (yes, that's 300 bits per second. Whoohoo!)
    Things that contain or contained comestibles:
    • 10 33cl Cans
    • 8 Ice-cream wrappers
    • 3 Chewing gum wrappers
    • 2 Pizza boxes
    • 14 empty Penguin mints tins
    • 19 empty Penguin cinnamons tins
    • 2 empty Penguin mints decaf tins (yeah, decaf: had to try)
    • 12 non-empty Penguin cinnamons tins
    • 4 non-empty Penguin mints tins
    • 1 bag filled with McDonald's 100% recyclable garbage
    • 4 1.5 L bottles
    Other stuff:
    • Bills, invoices, overviews, bank and tax papers :(
    • Order specifications
    • Self-printed information
    • Hardware atalogues
    • Magazines
    • Stationery
    • Accessories
    • Cd-roms
    • Books (not many, though - I get most of my info from websites and perldocs)
    • Manuals
    • Etcetera, etcetera
    Things you won't find over here:
    • Sticky notes. Come on, with a PDA and a 2560x1024 desktop you do not need those desktop uglifiers.
    • Working pens. AAARRGH.
    • A dedicated O'Reilly bookshelf. I have MRE, and I've read some of the books elsewhere.
    • Old, non-working computers. I have a closet for those.
    • A personal refrigerator. Wanna have.

    Update - The reputation of this node has been going up and down. This is the third time I see it reaching 0. Not that I care about XP, but I would like to know what it is that you disapprove, so I can improve my postings. Please let me know

    - Yes, I reinvent wheels.
    - Spam: Visit eurotraQ.

Re: Contents of my Office
by Rex(Wrecks) (Curate) on May 23, 2002 at 17:49 UTC
    Ok, Tech Gear:
  • 3 IBM T21 Laptops With Docking stations
  • 3 21" Monitors
  • 5 PC's of varios sorts
  • Cisco Catalyst 3512 switch with Fibre tap to lab
  • 16 port KVM switchbox
  • 3 UPSs
  • Phone
  • Nokia 650 Router
  • Netscreen 5
  • Nokia prototype firewall/switch
  • Compak iPaq
  • Subwoofer and 4 satalite speakers

    Books: there are 61...I'm not listing them :)

  • NunZilla!
  • Duck Call (don't ask)
  • Pewter Cannon
  • Mini Zen Garden
  • 2 Wooden tops
  • Wooden Viking
  • Curious George Alarm Clock (award for being the latest to an interview and still getting the job -- 6.5 hours)
  • 3 Pics of my sweetie :)
  • 2 Plastic airplanes
  • Buddy Christ!
  • 3 coffee cups (1 full)
  • Thermos o' java (half full)
  • 3 notepads with scribble
  • 4 printouts of Perl Module docs
  • Bottle of Vitamins
  • Screwdriver
  • Jar o' pens
  • Can o' Air
  • 6 Nerf weapons and a ton o' ammo
  • RC Car for pulling cable :)
  • 2 moving boxes full of misc cable, connectors, boards, power supplies, etc
  • 2 boxes cereal (Muslix)
  • 3 bottle Sliquid (god that stuff is great)
  • 2.5 rolls Toilet Paper (again, don't ask)
  • Stack o' CD's with various OS's, tools, music.
  • Fist full o' cable ties
  • SecurID Card

  • 2 Canadian flags (one on the door)
  • 2 Photo's taken by my sweetie (she is a really good photographer)
  • 2 photos taken by an artist friend.
  • Whiteboard and pens

    "Nothing is sure but death and taxes" I say combine the two and its death to all taxes!
Re: Contents of my Office
by jlongino (Parson) on May 23, 2002 at 20:08 UTC
    I have some pics on my personal site (thanks jcwren!). Unfortunately, those were taken back in December and now there's twice as much stuff on my desk.

    Some of the more interesting stuff:

    • Tanzanian Peaberry (my favorite) and Columbian decaf coffees.
    • An IBM laserprinter 4029 (what is that, 10 years old?). It jams every other page so I mainly use the network printer down the hall.
    • 2 South American clay works (one of which a cow-orker claims is an evil voodoo doll).
    • 6 different NICs on the shelf.
    • A 12-inch tape write-protect ring (the young-uns have no clue what it is when I show them. makes me wish I'd saved a printer punched paper carriage-control tape)
    • 2 bags of croutons, 2+ dozen packages of crackers, 2 salad dressing packages, 1 fortune cookie and a half dozen Chupa Chups.
    • a lint roller, 1 roller refill.
    • 3 dozen pens that all work (eat your heart out juerd, heh).
    • 2 broken toner cartridges.
    • 2 empty wicker baskets whose plants died over 10 years ago.
    • 2 borked pocket calculators.
    • 6 keys that I have no idea what they go to (they came with the office 15 years ago).
    • an original boxed up copy of MS Fortran version 4.10 purchased back in '88.
    • a bottle of Paddle Palace Table Tennis rubber cleaner.


Is that all?
by Marza (Vicar) on May 23, 2002 at 18:29 UTC

    There is too much to count soooo

    Typical cube with two table tops, a center piece for the monitor and two hanging shelfs.

    The table tops are covers with stacks of paper, magazines, tools, books, coffe cups and odds an ends. Tallest stack is 2 feet, smalles pile is about 4 inches. You do not see tabletop space.

    Along one table top are about 20 books dealling with network and some Linux. Stacked on the books are another 8 books and 5 computer games.

    Along the second top are another 20 books dealing with assorted things such as Unix, LDAP, a couple history books. Stacked precariusly is about 30 jewel cases.

    Crammed in the desktop stacks are 2 hanging folders and one fountain. You can sort of make out the stapler and the telephone set. The handheld set is buried.

    One one shelf is 5 pictures of wife and kid, dogbert, dust a can of dust spray, a box of gensing and tea, and about 15 books dealing with NT. Alsong they shelf is varias toys, some candy, headache pills, 1 jar jar stess relief toy, and a can of Scotch Haggis.

    On the other shielf is another 20 books ranging from certification stuff, NT, Linux, a couple stacks of floppies, Emperor Zerg, the dolls from StarCraft, a crazy 8 ball, and a few cups, soda cans, varius company toy junk(yoyo, squezze toy, etc).

    Under one tabletop is a row of HP manuals, MSDN cd cases and technet cases. In front of the hanging shelfs is a speaker box which has a paper stack on it which blocks the drawers. Next to it is a box of odds and ends. Tie wraps, plugs, cable, adapters, etc.

    Under the monitor are two dells with about 10 CD jewel cases with another 8 open cds. 2 UPSes.

    Under the other hanging tabletop are about 7 stacks of Primate and biolgy books with another stack of games. There is also a hanging folder.

    In back of me is 4 shelf book case, which holds, perl, Bio, varius manuals and networking books. Along the shelfs are more toys like a talking Yoda and more steel coffee cups and jewel cases. Every open space has books crammed in them.

    The other set of hanging drawers are also blocked by a book stack. W2K cert stuff.

    Hangin on the walls are varius awards and certs. The glass has varisu hanging star wars ships attacked to them. My Dilbert comic strip(artist board), a Jane Goodall poster from the Apple Think different junk. One wall is full of paper that shouldnt be lost.

    Finally, the book shelf top is covered with resource kits cds and a few coke cans. The extra chair has tools and an MSDN case ontop of it and there is a 3foot by 3 inches tool stack of paper waiting to be taken to recycle.

    I don't know how I am able to complete the amount of work I actually do looking at this.

    Now the kicker. The fire marshall has suggested I clean things up.

    So do I get the slob prize? *sighs*

Re: Contents of my Office
by webfiend (Vicar) on May 23, 2002 at 16:26 UTC

    sigh ... I'm a contract worker, and have no desk.

    Here's what I came to work armed with, though:

    • 1 travel cup filled with strong coffee
    • 3 Perl books:
      • Perl 5 Pocket Reference (for "what was that function?")
      • Perl Cookbook (for "how the heck do I do that?")
      • Object Oriented Perl (for light reading on the bus)
    • 1 cell phone
    • 1 mechanical pencil
    • 1 clipboard with several sheets of paper, each already scribbled on (design at its finest)

    "All you need is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure."-- Mark Twain
Re: (OT) Contents of my Office
by OzzyOsbourne (Chaplain) on May 24, 2002 at 14:00 UTC
  • 1 TPS report
  • 1 Memo about the TPS report
  • 1 Stapler
  • 1 Simpsons Treehouse of Horror playset
  • 1 Gorn
  • 1 Andorian
  • 1 OzzyOsbourne Matchbox "Madman Van"
  • 1 farside calendar
  • 1 rear view mirror from a car
  • 1 y2k bug plush toy
  • 1 2.4 GhZ antenna made out a Dole Pineapple can
  • 1 self portrait done by coworkers 5 year old, "in case I forget what she looks like"
  • 1 XL orange tiki cup of water
  • 2 cups of coffee
  • 2 other guys, one who calls himself "sergio", and speaks with an Italian accent, although it is not his real name, and he's not Italian
  • 3 Monitors
  • 3 PC's (including a Digital 5150, 150 mhz)
  • 4 grey cube half hight walls
  • 5 Simpson's PEZ dispensors - 1 filled for freaks who actually like pez
  • 6 Burger King simpson toys
  • 7 packets of ketchup
  • 27 magazines
  • 14,226 papers, notes, reports - 14,225 of which I'm not sure what they are, but I'm afraid to chuck them.
  • books, books, books...
Crap. One idiot who just spilled coffee down his shirt...


Re: Contents of my Office
by ehdonhon (Curate) on May 23, 2002 at 23:04 UTC
    1 half eaten bag of Zours

    What exactly are 'Zours'?

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