Fellow PerlMonks,

I've only been a registered PerlMonk for 3 short days. I'm more that pleasantly surprised about the friendliness of the other monks, and I'm even more surprised at how much information is available. I look forward to discovering more about Perl and its advocates.

I do have a question about the experience system. In the 3 days that I've been here, I've managed to gain 3 levels, almost 4. The experience points I did receive were obviously not awarded because of my Perl knowledge, since I know next to nothing yet (I've only been programming Perl for about 14 days). They were awarded because of my participation in the community, and because of acceptance by other monks, shown by the votes I've received (to which I must thank everyone for. I'm humbled.).

So here's my question to you, my mentors: Can one become a saint by being a true advocate and supporter of a language, even if his/her skills are still very much in development?