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I have recently installed Flash 5 on my computer. Working with it is a fun challenge (Though I wish I could at least draw stick people!). Now, how is this relevant to perl?

Well, as anyone who has seriously used Flash before knows about the loadVariables() and/or loadVariablesNum() functions. These functions allow you to load text/variables and save them back from an external file. Now, one can use simple text files but bleh! For dynamic data, you have to use some language! Now, I have seen all the articles about using PHP or ASP to do so, etc. etc. but of course I thought about perl! ;)

Here is the one-liner that would load in variables for me:

loadVariablesNum ("", 0);

The input received by the flash file from the script must be formatted as follows:

name1=value1&name2=value2&name3=value3 and so on. This is the same format that is used for query strings attached to URLs. So I have one question... What module should I be looking at to escape characters like the following:

Character '&' to '%26'
Character '+' to '%2B'
Character '<' to '%C3'
etc, etc, etc.

Is this the job for HTML::Entities, URI::Escape or something else? Encoding these special characters is the only way to pass them to flash, so it needs to be done. Thanks a bunch!

P.S.: Now to go off and do the thing I should have done first: making sure that the script is exectued when called by flash, and not just the script code being read in ;)