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Something smells fishy, or my name is Vadim Konovalov de Vladimirovich ...
and it's not...

I wonder why my home node id is that round number 170000?
Where is Eustace? Where is Muriel?
 and as doctor said this is the worst case of Chicken-pox he ever saw!!
<img src="">

Sometimes people says that I am just a stupid dog
I think I am sometimes not that stupid, rather I am afraid to use too complex perl constructs,
and afterwards I am afraid to be not able to understand them...

Otherwise I am just a stooped dawg!

A couple of tips, just in case:

How to get rid of evil shadows
 1. Pleasant conversation
 2. Move out of the house

How to get rid of evil nodes
 1. change the subject and body to delete
 2. Pleasant conversation on Editor Requests page

Okay, okay! I am lousy typist, I know!
While I am such a lousy typist, here is my best node that I ever had chance to invent:
    Self-explanatory program of free will

Currently my perl activities include: