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Re: Status quo

by cacharbe (Curate)
on Jun 05, 2002 at 14:46 UTC ( #171845=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Status quo
in thread Do you plan to attend YAPC::America::North 2002?

heh. This has been a problem for over a year (budgets were severely slashed at the end of Q2 last year). Already considered and acted on, though response has been slow, and too many employers expect me to make a lateral or backward move. *bah* At least at my current place of employment there is some stability, and plenty of drama, er, humor (here, here and here).

Anyone here want to hire me? I would like to stay in the detroit area, but could be convinced to move. I develop in C++, Perl, and VB. I _can_ do HTML, but feel it's below me and my CS degree, I have strong project management and software architectural skills, I speak average Japanese and French...What? No takers...??

Guess I'll keep looking and toiling at my current grind.


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