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Of course, one doesn't need those newfangled thread thingies. Here's one that can easily be backported to old versions of perl, and is using fork() and signals.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w my $hp = 100; my $pid; sub get_hit; sub get_hit { unless (-- $hp) { kill USR2 => $pid or warn "Failed to send victory: $!\n"; print "$$: Arrrgh, I am dying!\n"; exit; } print "$$: I got hit! $hp hitpoints left.\n"; $SIG {USR1} = \&get_hit; } $SIG {USR1} = \&get_hit; $SIG {USR2} = sub {print "$$: I won! I won!\n"; exit}; $pid = fork; die "Fork failed\n" unless defined $pid; $pid ||= getppid; while (1) { my $timeleft = rand 1; (undef, $timeleft) = select (undef, undef, undef, $timeleft) while $timeleft; kill USR1 => $pid; # Ignore errors. } __END__