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In the picture you can see my wonderful historical kawasaki motorbikes of serie GPZ Unitrack (1986 and 1984).

starting learning Perl as a game in a hot summer one year ago (ie 2001) on my linux system and now..
2003..trying to avoid learning vb administrating win32 with Perl..
2007..trying to avoid learning C# administrating win32 with Perl..
2013..trying to avoid learning powershell to manage w2k8r2 using Perl...
riding my Kawasaki GPZ 550
...April 12 2012: riding my Kawasaki GPZ 750..
29 July 2014 Discipulus became 668th in Saints in our Book
01 December 2016 my fully reorganized my homenode (using two different Perl s‎crip‎ts do to the task..) and first appearence on github

April 2018:

Discipulus library has moved here

January 2021 partially moved to gitlab

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    Discipulus library has moved here