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Vacation plans this summer

by vroom (His Eminence)
on Jun 16, 2002 at 22:33 UTC ( #174989=poll: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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What's vacation?
[bar] 122/26%
A few days here and there
[bar] 62/13%
A couple of long weekends
[bar] 47/10%
A week or so
[bar] 75/16%
A two week+ stint
[bar] 50/10%
PM is my vacation
[bar] 29/6%
Unemployed--life is a vacation, now if only I could pay my bills
[bar] 71/15%
[bar] 21/4%
477 total votes
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Re: Vacation plans this summer
by emcs (Scribe) on Jun 16, 2002 at 23:51 UTC
    OK: I picked other.

    When I am at work I carry a cell phone and a palm pilot + a host of other electronic gadgets. My desk has two computers on it; when I am not at my desk I carry a laptop (at least most of the time)

    When I am not at work I am on call.

    My idea of a superb vacation is to say goodby to all things electric.

    To achieve this ideal state of affairs I usually spend a fair amount of time at the local marina. This year I don't have a boat, but I will be sure to find a clunky old wooden day sailer, or something similar during the next few weeks.

    Then you just have to go. The ideal destination (for me) is no destination. I usually sail around the US and Canadian Gulf Islands.

    Have a great holiday.

    PS: I might take a Perl book; but I will try to avoid the temptation.


    The dogs bark; but the caravan rolls on.
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by hacker (Priest) on Jun 17, 2002 at 11:01 UTC
    I resigned in November 2001 and have been unemployed for 6 months. I moved away from California to the East Coast to hopefully be able to survive and find suitable work. Nothing at all here for work, and nobody's hiring, not even McDonalds. $83.00 to my name now, and that's not going to last long.

    Maybe I should have stayed in California.. but at $2,000/mo. for rent, I would have lasted a month without a job, no more than that.

    It's bleak, no jobs, no money, no vacation for me.

(wil) Re: Vacation plans this summer
by wil (Priest) on Jun 17, 2002 at 00:05 UTC
    Isn't YAPC::Europe going to be everyone's vacation this year? :-)

    - wil
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by cacharbe (Curate) on Jun 17, 2002 at 13:33 UTC
    My vacations usually stack up as a couple of long weekends with a few extra days off around the Christmas holidays. I try to structure them around holidays and the various weddings that always seem to sprout up during the summer months.

    Most of my vacations are spent traveling to Wisconsin from Michigan so that my girlfriend can spend time with her family as well.

    A couple dozen hours in the car is a small price to pay for harmony, and hey, I can always bring the laptop and code / play half-life when it's her turn to drive. She became more open to traveling with the laptop when she found that we could play a DVD and hook the sound through her car stereo to help her pass the time. *grin*


Re: Vacation plans this summer
by S_Shrum (Pilgrim) on Jun 17, 2002 at 05:52 UTC

    Currently unemployed but rather self-employed in the interum.

    My existing computer clients are recommending me to new ones; and they tell two friends, and they tell to friends, and so on, and so on, and so on.

    So life (and my bills) are covered (for now).


    Sean Shrum

Re: Vacation plans this summer
by NAstyed (Chaplain) on Jun 17, 2002 at 06:20 UTC
    Go to the Beach! of course, and forget about celular phones, emails, and computers for 2 weeks!

    Zonaunderground is my Latinamerican underground music site, check it out!

      Go to the Beach! of course

      Hm, I parsed that as "Go to the Bleach!"...

      - Yes, I reinvent wheels.
      - Spam: Visit eurotraQ.

Re: Vacation plans this summer
by greywolf (Priest) on Jun 17, 2002 at 06:46 UTC
    I simply get out and relax whenever I get the chance. An afternoon on the mountain bike or walking on something other than pavement does wonders for me.

    Whenever I get a spare day or two I also like to get out of town for a while. Simply not seeing my front street in the morning is a good thing.

    mr greywolf
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by silent11 (Vicar) on Jun 17, 2002 at 02:58 UTC
    I'm looking at purchasing a house soon, so we won't have any money to do anything costly this summer, but we might take a day trip or two... who knows...

    But who needs to go out when ya got books?

Re: Vacation plans this summer
by NaSe77 (Monk) on Jun 17, 2002 at 12:37 UTC
    vacation? what the hell is that ?

    since beeing a poor student i cant afford such luxus ... either work or learn ... there is no time for vacation ;)

    but seriously : i'm looking forward to return home in september and spend a week or two with my friends and girlfriend


Re: Vacation plans this summer
by shadox (Priest) on Jun 17, 2002 at 05:43 UTC
    Vacation for me are allways around december, last time i didn't have because that stupid company, this time if everything continue good and i can balance my credit card i hope that i could go to dominican republic, abd have a lot of "Presidente" Beer, a lot of sun and sea :)
    Optimus magister, bonus liber
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by Beatnik (Parson) on Jun 17, 2002 at 07:36 UTC
    I'll hardly be at home during the summer (that is, if I pass my exams).. 2 weeks in July, 3 weeks in August and uhm 3 days in Muni..uhm September. Between that, I have to book a hotelroom, clean my room, finish the talk and send out a draft or 2, meet some friends I havent seen in ages and probably get a summer job too. Does this qualify as "Other"?

    ... Quidquid perl dictum sit, altum viditur.
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by straywalrus (Friar) on Jun 17, 2002 at 16:50 UTC
    I too picked other
    My summer vacation this year will entail working on a mantience crew at a summer camp. I do this just about every year. It's nice to get away from school and work, to a place where I can work with my hammer and tools during the day and code in C,Perl and Assembly by night.
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by dthacker (Deacon) on Jun 17, 2002 at 17:21 UTC
    My family is converging on Omaha next week. We'll talk each others ears off, visit a museum or two , and visit the zoo. Even though the College World Series will be over we'll still take in some baseball in Omaha.

    My pager will be sitting silently on the bookshelf for the whole week!!


    Code On!
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by Dog and Pony (Priest) on Jun 18, 2002 at 11:24 UTC
    I am, this year, for the first time since I started working, going to have a full four weeks of semester in a row. My previous record was three, and that was rare, at that. :)

    I am starting my vacation this upcoming friday, and early monday morning I start off by going to the Roskilde festival in Denmark. There goes the first week, probably in a drunken haze, but it is going to be great! :)

    After that I don't really have any plans for the rest... just gonna lazy around, I guess. Maybe I'll go to yet another festival at the end of my vacation, ArvikaFestivalen in my old home town.

    The most important thing right now though is to get out of this office. I really, really, really need a break, from working in general, and from this hellhole specifically. Maybe it'll feel better after the vacation. I sure hope so. :) So what I do is of less importance...

    You have moved into a larch place.
    It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by something completely different.
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by Seumas (Curate) on Jun 17, 2002 at 22:15 UTC
    What about a "I don't do vacations". There are a lot of people like myself who have long since maxed-out their vacation accruals and only take vacation or comp days when our managers threaten us with extreme violence. And even then, we still work. We just find ways to do it without anyone knowing until it's too late.
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by Mr. Muskrat (Canon) on Jun 17, 2002 at 23:22 UTC
    Working for an ice cream distribution company has it's drawbacks.... like no vacation time during the summer months!
    Who says that programmers can't work in the Marketing Department?
    Or is that who says that Marketing people can't program?
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by fireartist (Chaplain) on Jun 17, 2002 at 20:30 UTC
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by doran (Deacon) on Jun 18, 2002 at 16:34 UTC
    Two words: Burning Man

      I am so jealous. I've gone the last two years and enjoyed it greatly. I was out of work for 10 months, so my wife and I are still readjusting our finances. We are going to Vegas for our 7th anniversary, but that's at the end of September and just a weekend.

      For Burning Man 2003, I am already gathering supplies.

Re: Vacation plans this summer
by Rex(Wrecks) (Curate) on Jun 18, 2002 at 22:52 UTC
    I picked other since I will be taking all of October off (the best month of the year here)

    Nothing special to do, just explore the area as I am still fairly new to it and there are a tone of day/weekend trips around to take.

    "Nothing is sure but death and taxes" I say combine the two and its death to all taxes!
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by Gerard (Pilgrim) on Jun 20, 2002 at 03:48 UTC
    It's winter here in little old New Zealand, and it is precipitating extremely heavily outside. No vacation and no summer. Spending as time as possible inside, wrapped in wool.
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by Chainsaw (Friar) on Jun 21, 2002 at 15:00 UTC
    Well I don't know that but in my next vacations plans, I'll go to the beach to get sun and un-stress from work and co-workers. Or maybe to a Rain Forest Hotel to do the same if go to the beach. Read and enjoy the view. And maybe find someone that made all in great vacation.

    Any opinion that you monks may bring me about change my vacation plans or help me to made a desicion between Beach or Rain Forest are wellcome.

    God help me always to see the other face of the coin. And prevent me from accusing of betrayal those who don't think just as I do.
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by LD2 (Curate) on Jun 21, 2002 at 15:27 UTC
    This is the first summer.. since out of college where I'm actually going places! Vegas Vegas Vegas.. ("You're so money baby, you don't even know it!") - that's one trip. All the other trips involve backpacking.. good ol' nature. Going to the Sierras for a few days, then going to another weekend getaway.. all to have fun and train for the final backpacking trip of the summer - Mt. Whitney! Yay! It'll be a blast - I hope.
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by malaga (Pilgrim) on Jun 21, 2002 at 19:02 UTC
    my 19 year old daughter is a little depressed so i'm driving her, her boyfriend, and her best friend to the liberace museum in las vegas. it's a 12 hour drive and we're going there, spending one night and coming back. why? good question. because it's a silly thing to do and we all work too hard and worry too much - we need to be silly and get a away.
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by JayBonci (Curate) on Jun 20, 2002 at 23:10 UTC
    A friend of mine uses his vacation time to take weeks of three day weekends in the summer and spends it with his wife and family. Myself? I am not going to get a vacation. Self employment... you get to live your job.


Re: Vacation plans this summer
by blaze (Friar) on Jun 21, 2002 at 06:25 UTC
    hmm....ok, two jobs, full time student, two whats a vacation :(
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by delegatrix (Scribe) on Jun 21, 2002 at 00:00 UTC
    Other: YAPC::NA and TPC - they're just like a family reunion.
Re: Vacation plans this summer
by Kickstart (Pilgrim) on Jun 18, 2002 at 23:35 UTC
    I became a lucky SOB this boss's son had a raffle for his school and I won second prize. All-expenses-paid 7-day cruise to Alaska. :)

    So, I'm flying my gf from Alabama to Vancouver to have a nice, week-long, date!


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