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I have been developing in Perl for a few years, but I have never mixed Perl and C before. According to "Advanced Perl Programming" by Sriram Srinivasan as well as several other sources Perl can be called from C and vice versa.

I have a product API that will allow me to run a product we are using here at work. The API is in C; the API is in a dll (dynamic link library). I would like to call this API from Perl. According to my Perl reference material this is possible. Can I do this on Windows or not???

Since I've never mixed Perl with any other language, any advice input or help would be useful.

Thanks for any helpful info regarding this topic.

P.S. I did do a search for this topic on the discussion groups for this site but didn't find any postings regarding calling "C" from Perl on Windows.

--- Peter Jirak