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Unlike BooK, I am not a specialist obfuscator. However, for cheap thrills, I had a go at obfuscating the source program a little, mainly by using some of the more obscure Perl built-in variables.

sub _{system$^O=~Win?CLS:'clear'; print$"x+abs($=/3*(2*$|-$-)),$_,$/for@_;sleep!$%} open$%; chop,y,!-~,#,,s,(.).?,$+,gfor@~=grep$|--,($|)x18,<0>; @;=map~~reverse,reverse@~; ($-=--$_%3)||(--$|,map$_=reverse,@~,@;), _!!$;&$-?@;:@~for$|..!!$;.$^F

Is the $|-- idiom well-known at Perl monks? Where is its behavior documented?