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Perl CGI scripts on Apache Web Server

by Anonymous Monk
on Jul 03, 2002 at 12:19 UTC ( #179132=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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Re: Perl CGI scripts on Apache Web Server
by neophyte (Curate) on Jul 03, 2002 at 12:49 UTC
    That is a bit difficult, not knowing what you have done so far.
    • Have you edited httpd.conf, so your Apache knows what to do with cgi-scripts? If not check that file, usually you only have to uncomment a line or two.
    • Is your cgi-script within a directory that has the permission to execute cgi-scripts (usually cgi-bin)? If not move the script or edit httpd.conf accordingly.
    • Does your script have a she bang line? If not write #!C:\path\to\perl.exe as the first line into your script.
    • Does your script print everything it needs to print, especially the Content-type header? This is a very frequent error when you don't use CGI;.
    • Perhaps there are other errors while running the script, before it creates any output, check your Apaches error.log to find those.

    I hope this helps to narrow the problem down or even solve it.


Re: Perl CGI scripts on Apache Web Server
by cjf (Parson) on Jul 03, 2002 at 12:38 UTC

    We'll need more information to help you out (what errors are you getting, script source, etc.). Until then all I can suggest is that you take a look at tachyon's CGI Help Guide.

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