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I'm a complete Perl newbie here. I can't get this file at line8 to open within this subroutine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
"#!/usr/bin/perl -w init_open(); opendir (EXA, "/export/home/cad/data/products") || die "no dir?: $1"; foreach $name(sort readdir (EXA)) { print "$name\n"; sub init_open { open(INFO, "/export/home/cad/data/products/$name/source/$") || + die "no dir: $1"; @lines = <INFO> ; } foreach $line (@lines) { $line=~tr/(//d; #Cut out all the exa garbage $line=~ s/COMP//; $line=~ s/BOARDPLACEMENT_BOM brd//; print "\n $line "; close(INFO) ; } print "\n ------------------------ \n"; } closedir(EXA);"