I always wanted to write my own Huffman decoder. So, today I did. I don't claim to be fastest or smartest (quite the opposite I guess), but it's mine.
I didn't make any encoder, it's all done with pen and paper.

And now the obligatory: This is my first JAPH, comments are welcome.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use integer; @t=("12","34","56","7 ","89",":h","er",";k","<t","=a","lc","ju","sn"," +op"); @m=split/ */,"\x00\x50\xA5\xd2\xc5\xbb\x96\xef\x06\xbc\x8e\xe0"; $i=0;$n=0;$p=0;$x=0; do { $n=(($i%8)==0)?ord(shift @m):$n; $x=ord(substr($t[$p],(($n&128)>>7),1)); $p=(($x&240)==48)?($x&15):0; if ($p==0){print chr($x)}; $i++;$n<<=1; } until ($i==91) ;