in reply to How bad it is to learn Perl?

If you are interested in doing a little extra work, your perl experience will be of great value.

When you get an assignment, code it in perl first. Write tests for your code in perl, so that you can run make test to verify it. Write your perl code the cool way, using objects if it makes sense to do so.

Next write your C++ code, and hook it up to your perl tests.

You will write fanstastic code because you won't be spending any time on the "does it work yet?" phase, where so many other students will be floundering. Also, the insight and clean design from your excellent perl program will show through as clean C++ code.

If your professor has a sense of humor, use the perl code as comments to help explain the C++ code. This is analogous to much assembly code that I have seen, which used the equivalent C code as comments.

It should work perfectly the first time! - toma