Item Description: Using LWP to perform a variety of web related tasks.

Review Synopsis:

The LWP module is quite possibly one of the most popular modules. Most perl programmers have used it to perform everything from fetching the 'headlines' from news related web site to writing a 'link checker' or one-line browser.

O'Reilly's new book Perl & LWP is a thin but extremely useful guide for the beginning to intermediate perl programmer who has an interest in mining the web for specific information. At only 196 pages ( approx. ), the information it contains is quite powerful:

I would like to have seen a greater focus on examples, some screen shots, and more module usage but this is still a very good book. As far as audience requirements are concerned, the reader should know ( at least ) basic perl concepts but to fully use the book, sub-routines ( regular and anonymous ), references, and a good knowledge of regexes is critical. A fundamental understanding of objects is also important ( although not required ).

Although this is a small book, what you will gain by reading it isn't.


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