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Hi Monks, in my current program I have a routine that retrieves results from my database. Currently I display the results from each statment in the following form.

Result 1; R1something1 ; R1something2 ; R1something5 ; R1something6 ; R1something7 ; R1something8 ; Result2; R2something1 ; R2something2 ; R2something3 ; R2something4 ; R2something5 ; R2something6 ; R2something7 ; R2something8 ; R2something9 ; R2something 10;

But I want to display them beside each other to aid with comparisons. Like so:

Result 1 Result2 R1something1 ; R1something2 ; R2something1 ; R2something2 ; -- ; -- ; R2something3 ; R2something4 ; R1something5 ; R1something6 ; R2something5 ; R2something6 ; R1something7 ; R1something8 ; R2something7 ; R2something8 ; -- ; -- ; R2something9 ; R2something10;

I also need to know how I would substitute a null value with a "--" in my output file as I want the results that satisfy the same conditions beside each other and the results with no corresponding results in the other table should still be displayed i.e. R2Something 9 & 10 above.
I am retrieving results row by row. But I am unsure of how to switch between the statements. Will I have to retrieve all results for one sql statement and then begin the second? Or can I switch between the two? Or is there some funky perl module that can take care of this for me?
Any help you can give is appreciated
Thanks Monks


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