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How do you know whether a line matches or not? Ie what do the (for example) Rlsomething5 fields have in common for the program to know that they are related? Assuming that there is a way, you could keep a buffer in an array or hash of the first result set (if it is not too big), and then as you get the second result set, prepend the corresponding element of the first set, or a '--' if it not set. Without knowing much about the data it's hard to give a code example, but here is a guess (without the SQL stuff, as it's too early on Monday morning :-)):
foreach $result (@result_1) { $resultHash {${$result}[0]} = ${$result}[1]; } foreach $result (@result_2) { if (defined ($resultHash {${$result}[0])) { print "${$result}[0] , $resultHash[1]"; } else { print " -- --"; } print "${$result}[0] , ${$result}[1]\n" }
I've assumed that the first column is some kind of key, and treated the results as an array of arrays. Hope this makes some sense!