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This has danger of becoming more than a two second hack, but I'd like the same option on Newest Nodes. If the root node isn't new, but there is more than one new reply, then there's the choice of bouncing back and forth between Newest Nodes and the nodes themselves, or alternatively, picking one of the replies, and going from there to the root node. Either of these has the load and inconvenience disadvantges that Hacker mentions.

Although I doubt this is a new suggestion, and somebody's about to direct me to reading an old thread ;-)

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Re^2: Linkable Node ID in Writeups
by Aristotle (Chancellor) on Aug 16, 2002 at 01:10 UTC
      Alas, I have still not cleaned up this newer version for the masses. The main problem is that it relies on local pieces of the various other perlmonks projects I host. Parts of the Offsite Perlmonks Search Engine and the search engine friendly mirror got thrown into the interface, and I'll need to cleanly seperate them again before the script is useful for anyone else....